Se trata de la ventanilla única de la primera dependencia móvil de la Provincia, que funciona de lunes a viernes en Plaza La Roche. En los últimos 15 días, más de 2.700 vecinos realizaron sus trámites. La ventanilla Única de ANSES que funciona en Plaza La Roche desde mayo, de lunes a viernes...

Durante las dos semanas del receso invernal hubo espectáculos y actividades en todos los barrios, y funciones de teatro y cine, donde grandes y chicos pudieron acceder de forma gratuita al arte y a la cultura. El broche de oro fue en la Plaza Gral. San Martín con “La caravanita”, el...

La intendenta de La Matanza, Verónica Magario, volvió a reclamar hoy a los gobiernos nacional y bonaerense una deuda de 2.000 millones de pesos y denunció discriminación de la Casa Rosada a los intendentes peronistas. Además, Magario aseguró que el ex ministro de Educación y candidato a...

El Intendente Ramiro Tagliaferro, el Ministro de Gobierno de la Provincia de Buenos Aires, Joaquín De la Torre y el Director del Registro Provincial de las Personas, Juan José Esper inauguraron la obra de remodelación del Registro Provincial de las Personas de El Palomar, ubicado en Avenida...

La intendenta Verónica Magario participó de la Tercera Feria de Tecnologías para la Integración y destacó que “estas jornadas son el resultado del trabajo en conjunto, con esfuerzo y dedicación. Felicito a todos los alumnos de escuelas técnicas que arduamente trabajaron por los chicos de...

Funcionará las 24 horas en ese espacio verde de El Palomar, conectado con la Central de Monitoreo. Permitirá brindar más seguridad al lugar y a su entorno, con personal de Protección Ciudadana, Policía Local y Policía Local Motorizada. Es el segundo que se inaugura. En total, habrá ocho en...

La intendenta, Verónica Magario, recorrió la obra del nuevo entubamiento del arroyo Maldonado en Av. Palaciós entre Cotagaita y Albariños de Ramos Mejía. La primera etapa que se está ejecutando consta de 2100 metros y luego de que se termine el nuevo canal se realizará el pavimento sobre toda...

El primer precandidato a senador nacional del Frente Justicialista por la provincia de Buenos Aires, Florencio Randazzo, cuestionó hoy a la ex presidenta Cristina Fernández de Kirchner por "privilegiar el dedo" y "la decisión unilateral" de competir con una lista propia en las PASO, por fuera del...

“Obviamente me voy a quedar como intendenta, que quede claro, pero voy a desafiar a todo el mundo para que plebiscite mi gestión de este año y medio y voy a presentar al equipo que necesito para seguir trabajando y peleando codo a codo por este pueblo de La Matanza”, anunció en la sede de la...

La UOM de La Matanza festejará el 20 Aniversario de sus Centros educativos que se realizara el día 4 de julio a las 17 hs en el centro Cultural Valentín Barros sito en Av. Arturo Illia 2340- San Justo


Entrega de subsidios

La Matanza La intendenta, Verónica Magario, entregó en su despacho subsidios a dos chicos, Bastián Tévez (5) y Nahir Farías (18), un niño y una joven que sufrieron la pérdida de una extremidad de su cuerpo en accidentes hogareños y de tránsito.

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Graciously, the two stars stay and sign everything the inmates put looking at them baby shoes, mineral water bottles, someone' s wedding album. Both seem relaxed inside heaving mob, trading bro hugs and also daps with tattooed bangers for the bumpy slab of asphalt at center court. After which the game starts and also the stephen curry shoes men go their unique ways: Green to play dominoes using a noisy side court; Durant on the bench to chat together with convicts. One after a different, they kneel beside him or her, telling their stories with terse whispers. I can' big t quite hear them, however, it' s none connected with my business. Instead, My partner and i watch Durant as this individual watches them. His face brims which has a gamut of feelings: soreness and sorrow and small-step redemption, all of it grist with regard to his heart. He can' testosterone levels not listen, he' ersus here to bear see. This, too, is living, and he must are.

At halftime, he rises; it' s time to leave; he' s got a business engagement in town. But then someone asks him when he' d like to view the cells, and Durant staying Durant, he can' to say no. In we' re also led, past a long block door with pieces of grubby plastic for portals. "This will be me, " says the inmate, beckoning him in the four-by-10-foot shoebox in which usually he' s housed. Although it' s roughly how big is a water closet extend your arms out and you will touch either wall this individual shares it with another man about the bunk below him. Taken aback, Durant walks in in addition to looks around. Elbows propped on top bunk, he stands there and listens because the inmate describes his lifetime. "You gotta piss as well as do your business when in front of your cellie, gotta step on his bed to get to yours and if he / she says no, then y' all gotta fight. "

"Well, I possibly could kevin durant shoes jump up, " affirms Durant, trying to leaven the actual mood, but his laugh lands flat and he / she knows it. Though generally close-mouthed about political is important, he' s furious while using state of play in this country. "The hood can be a trap, man you' re also born there and perish there, with nothing between but that, " he tells me. To illustrate the unfairness, he' d raised Curry being a contrast. "Whereas I spent my youth fucked over, always wanting to snap, he was middle-class as well as didn' t live in defense mode. " Durant makes clear which he reveres Curry: "He didn' t should work this hard, yet somehow he does. " Exactly what he' s saying is that no kid should need to do what he did: put his life with hold for 20-odd years just to possess a slim shot at getting out. "I' ve had my guard up pretty much everything time, never living my life, " he says. "It' s so hard to unlearn those traits after you get older. "

On his way to the gate, he stops curry shoes to supply pounds to several on the men he met interior. "Y' all taught me much today. I' m happy, and I' ll keep in mind, " he says, leaning directly into bump shoulders. And then he walks out, the atmosphere blue over his brain, stretching wide with the promise and burden associated with blessings, those realized and the ones yet to come.
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The actual designers suck their breath of air in, not sure the best way to hear this. In the globe of basketball shoes, this violates a myriad of icon orthodoxy. Out right now there, in the world past this vast campus, you' re either a LeBron guy or the KD guy, and the particular stakes are obscenely [url=http://www.stephencurry.us.com]stephen curry shoes[/url] substantial. Between them, their clothing lines earn of a half-billion dollars a year to the almighty Swoosh, and the question of who offers more or who' s gaining market share on whom is really a matter of pitched concern with their respective camps. Hence, the squishiness with this room: Do we have a good laugh at that line, or fake our personal deaths?

Durant looks down and gives the faintest grin. "I' meters just fucking with y' just about all. I love your work, but I' m just a low-tops guy. "

He' s flown into Portland on serious organization: two long days connected with meetings with product planners to review his worldwide realm of court apparel. (Nike is spending him a reported $300 million during the period of a decade.) Although high finance doesn' t stop Durant, who merely turned 28, from pranking along with delighting the bright young things who work the following. At a meet-and-greet downstairs inside employee mess hall, he or she suddenly steps behind the particular coffee bar and begins doling out mochaccinos. Intended for five minutes, the totally free world' s tallest barista usually takes orders, foams soy milk and whistles while they works, getting off within the squeals of giddy staffers. Minutes [url=http://www.kdshoes.us.com]kevin durant shoes[/url] earlier, he' d out of place a cashier, ringing up people' s lunches and dispensing change. Maybe he' s just punchy from lack of sleep .: The night before, he' d called me to his accommodation to grill him prolonged past midnight while he or she got tatted. With his left thigh numb from a Lidocaine wrap and some neat shots of Scotch, he talked drowsily of his childhood while the inker worked, sketching a portrait of Aaliyah. For that past month, Durant has turned that long leg in to a shrine of his useless heroes. Rick James, [url=http://www.curry-shoes.com]curry shoes[/url] whoever face now graces his or her knee? "Grew up listening to him while Grandma cleaned the property. " Tupac and Lisa "Left-Eye" Lopes, that share his calf? "Their tunes takes me to my own happy place. " As well as Aaliyah, who died also young, at 22, to get widely reverenced now? "Man, that has been my first big crush being a kid. Aaliyah was my world in seventh quality! ".

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La Matanza Brillante desempeño de los artistas matanceros en la Etapa Regional de los Juegos Bonaerenses 2017.Presentándose en la categoría “artística”, poetas, pintores, bailarines y cantantes matanceros pasaron a la Final Provincial que se...